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Environmental Informatics projects


Computational Intelligence - Industrial projects

  • Modelling of turbine blade vibrations via Computational Intelligence Methods (work performed in the frame of two MSc thesis in collaboration with KTH Unit of Heat and Power Technology,Sweden completed, 2016)
  • Real time exhaust aftertreatment modelling with the aid of a hybrid, artificial neural network-based methodology (completed, 2015)
  • Analysis of experimental data related to the hydraulic performance of biodiesel fuels on automotive injection and combustion systems(internal project, completed, 2012)
  • Analysis and forecasting of the friction coefficient on the basis of experimental data (, completed, 2010)
  • Health & Environmental Informatics - Computational Intelligence

  • A Computational Intelligence Approach to Diabetes Mellitus and Air Quality Levels(in collaboration with AHEPA hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Outdoor air pollution and ischemic stroke severity: an ecological study(in collaboration with AHEPA hospital, Thessaloniki,Greece)
  • Hay fever symptoms analysis and modelling (in collaboration with Charite hospital, Berlin, Germany)
  • Hay fever symptoms and pollen count data analysis and modelling (in collaboration with Vienna Medical School, Austria)