Dimitrios Kordas, External Collaborator

Curriculum Vitae

Dimitrios Kordas studied Psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.). He holds a MSc on "General Psychology" (1995) and a PhD in the scientific field of "Cognitive Psychology" (2002) from the same Faculty. His research activity focuses on the study of thought and reasoning processes that take place in different regions of thought, representation and problem solving, with emphasis in the study of analogical reasoning, growth of logical thinking and linguistic ability. His recent research activity is being directed in the application of theories of learning styles, motivation and strategies in learning English as a foreign language. He is currently working as a psychologist in the Public Diagnostic Center for Special Education of Ministry of Education and as a counselor in a Private Foreign Language School.

Publications in books and special editions

  • Kordas D. and Karatzas K. (2010), Identifying motivations and barriers in the technological education of young women in Greece with the aid of survey data and computational intelligence methods, Women and Technological Education. A European Comparative Perspective (Doina Balahur and Paivi Fajukoff, eds.), "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Press, ISBN: 978-973-703-526-4